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From: Ian Roberts (
Date: Mon Feb 18 2013 - 08:55:02 UTC

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    Thanks to all that submitted advice on this issue.
    As mentioned a test IOD sent to myself displayed and parsed correctly, as did BY's submission today.
    Scott Tilley's today failed and Greg's always fail, also the obs from Alberto Rango today.
    All for the same reason, the station number is seen by Yahoo Mail and Firefox to begin on char 16 instead of 17, assuming they were correctly formatted in the first place.
    If these are pasted into a text editor they are all one character short before the station number.
    I agree that HTML or text should not make any difference in terms of blank spaces. 
    This would seem to be a problem my end, but I'm not progressing in solving it.
    p.s I've just discovered a bug in Yahoo! Mail. If the "troublesome" IOD reports are dummy replied to to enable Yahoo! Mail to change the format to plain text the missing space is regenerated.and the IOD passes the parsing scrutiny. Presumably submissions in HTML format fail, as in manually typing in the content in the mail client, while those complied elsewhere and pasted in as plain text are OK. I use the latter method for submissions, using an app sent to me by Scott Cambell.
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    Hi Ian
    I type them in manually but I think Scott Cambell wrote software that will fill them in - I also have a short program from Mike that does the same thing -
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