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Date: Sat Feb 23 2013 - 18:06:59 UTC

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    It has not affected the downloading of the files thru Heavensat..
    PS.. Might be returning to sats tonight if clear.. I finally have some free
    time in 2013.. Which is good..
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    2013/2/21 George Olshevsky <>:
    > I went for my daily visit/fix to the SatCat and discovered an entirely
    > new website, with no instructions on how to use it and no way to
    > retrieve the information that I have been retrieving for my files for
    > the past ten years or more. Nothing seems to work right: I can't
    > download a run of the last hundred catalog number TLEs, for example. A
    > total mess. Anyone know where to find information about this wonderful
    > new satellite information center?
    The first message I saw on SeeSat-L was from Kevin on June 7, and the
    information about the coming changes and the beta site, that he
    mentioned has been on the Space-Track initial page ever since !
    Lots of mails have been posted on SeeSat, with scripts to automate common
    Google for "space track api site:" and more !
    2012/6/7 Bob Christy <>:
    > There's lots more than that. I've already managed an automated query
    > that returns element sets for a specific catalogue number and date
    > range, next experiment - automated log-in. This has a lot of promise.
    > Click the "DOCS" link on the top menu bar, then "API Documentation" and
    > explore the links available from that point.
    > Bob Christy
    > On 07/06/2012 10:35, Björn Gimle wrote:
    >> So far only the Box Score !
    >> 2012/6/7 Kevin Fetter<>
    >>> The following appeared on the space track site
    >>> 2.0 Beta is available to all users for testing.
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