Re: I observed a TBA sat = recent india launch

From: Woodchuk (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2013 - 03:21:12 UTC

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    I just watched 39086 pass just east of the M45 in my 8" scope.
    32mm EP giving 1.5 FOV @ 38x. Passed right through the centre of fov.
    Steady in brightness and brighter than pair of mag 6.8 stars in fov.
    Rough time using accurate watch, was +/- 2 seconds. Yellow colour noticed.
    I did not see any other sats cross same fov for +/- 2 minutes.
    Larry Wood
    On 26/02/2013 7:00 AM, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    > I was aimed, where Express MD2 was to pass, but didn't see it.
    > But I got rewarded instead by, something from the recent india launch.
    > It was 39086, it's currently called TBA - TO BE ASSIGNED in the tle file, as they need to fiqure out which sat it really is.
    > It passed around 9:41 utc ( Feb 26 ) . It was not stable in magnitude, but got brighter then 8th mag.
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