RE: DCB Obs FEB 27th UT - ORS-1 / NOSS 2-1 Trio / DMSP F18

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2013 - 18:19:05 UTC

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    C1.2 says I still have to enter a sat ID..  It's the "must enter SSN" that
    hangs me up.. I remember I tried 99999 *once* way back when and it didn't
    like it much..
    Of course, I have never read the manual, so I have some reading to do..
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    Hi Derek,
    On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 5:42 PM, Derek C Breit
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    > I have an UNID flasher running same direction (but seriously off track and
    > 30 seconds later)as #1668 near Procyon moments before DMSP F18. It
    > 8 CMi /SAO 115610 at (J2000) RA 07 33 11.6 Dec 03 17 25.0 at a UT time of
    > 03h 33m 44.996s. 11 Flashes over around 30 seconds.. If anyone thinks it's
    > important, I can determine a second point, but I still can't do an UNID in
    > Obsreduce.. Don't know how..
    That time and position match an ATLAS CENTAUR R/B [06797/73058B]. It
    was moving almost due East, which approximately matches the direction
    of 01668.
    As for using ObsReduce on unknown, check section C1.2 in the ObsReduce
    manual ( Given
    that 06797 is a good match, you can use ObsReduce like you normally
    do, then try the steps from C1.2.
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