RE: USA 129 Jan 30 2014

From: Greg Roberts <>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 07:01:23 +0200
Morning Ted

Just woken up and saw your SeeSat message - 
saw it  too late to be of use for last nights observing
session so only concentrated on times around original
preboost orbit and the three boost orbits you kindly
provided. Despite good conditions and reasonable
elevations my impression during the tracking session
was that I did NOT see anything that could be USA 129.
I am now going to start going through the more than 1000
images and see if I perhaps missed something and will
see if your new search orbits were covered during the
periods observed so will report later.

Other than that USA 186 seen at about the expected 
time so it has not apparently done any major move. USA
245 not seen on a low elevation pass that just cleared (?)
my house roof so either its moved or was too low-looks
like my summer tracking window is over for it.
Till later
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