Optical 03 Feb 2014 part 3

From: Greg Roberts <grr_at_telkomsa.net>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 14:57:27 +0200
Observations 03 FEB 2014 part 3:

Cosatrak 1 (Computerised satellite Tracking System).
FLI M8300 CCD camera with 87mm focal length f/2.8 NIKON lens,
field of view 12 x 9 degrees.

Site 0433 : Longitude 18.51294 deg East, Latitude  33.94058 deg S,
Elevation 10 metres - situated in Pinelands (Cape Town), South Africa

Approximately 600 images obtained in second half of plane
scan for USA 129 (image taken every 2 seconds with 3 sec exposure:)

28 satellites positively identified but nothing unknown or worth 
measuring. A DMSP satellite (DMSP 5D-2F7) seen but not classified. 
FIA Radar 3 seen crossing edge of field - not measured as more recently 
observed and reported by me.

An old favourite from decades ago- Nimbus 4 also observed, as well as
another weather satellite METEOR-M.

Several Globalstar satellites seen of which Globalstar M064 seemed
to be running several seconds off predictions. 

USA 129 and USA 186 seen but reported earlier. 

Several SL-14 rocket bodies seen and finally one slow moving 
satellite which was indentified as an internal lens reflection 
caused by the bright star Achernar crossing the field of view. 

I think I am now up-to-date with all my measuring.(phew!!!)


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