Re: ALL satellites now called TBA - TO BE ASSIGNED on spacetrack :)

From: Andriy Makeyev <>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 12:32:50 +0200
I see the same behavior now when I make a query containing "/class/tle/" or "/class/tle_latest/". 
But if "/class/satcat/" used instead, names are returned correctly.

Links on page that use these classes and filters based on object names 
(e.g. "/OBJECT_NAME/iridium~~/") return empty results also (because all but last sats in the database are called TBA -...).

Mike's xf6 program can append names (0-line) to TLEs (5000 at a run without recompilation) - temporarily solution.

Best regards, Andriy Makeyev
> All the satellites, are called TBA - TO BE ASSIGNED, except for some of the flock satellites released from the ISS.
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