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Hi Kevin:

I was at Johnson Space Center in Houston for the Apollo-Soyuz mission. There were more than a few amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts working there, but I did not hear of anyone generating or distributing pass predictions or going outside to look for the spacecraft.

I personally did not see the spacecraft cross the sky during that mission. Also, I don't recall any effort by amateur astronomers anywhere else in the U.S. or other countries trying to observe it.*

However, I did see the flight crew up close. A few months after the mission, I saw Kubasov, Leonov, Stafford, Brand, and Slayton when they arrived in Long Beach, Calif. and toured the North American plant (home of the Apollo CSM) in nearby Lakewood. This was during the crews' post-flight international goodwill tour.

I may have actually said hello to Kubasov that day.

One of my memories of that day was a media opportunity in which the astronauts and cosmonauts sat together at a table. Lenonov turned to Stafford and asked in English "Hey Tom, what time are we going to get out of here?"


Brian Webb

* During the Apollo lunar missions, people were using telescopes to look for the Apollo during the trip to and from the Moon. R.A. and declination info was disseminated from Bellcomm in Washington, D.C. for the locations of various observers. The info was sent over amateur radio via Astro Net on 3.885 MHz LSB voice.

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>So who got to watch the mission, ie watching the spacecraft as it passed across the night sky.
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