RE: Delta-1 R/B reentry seen?

From: Ted Molczan <>
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 13:12:46 -0500
Dave Dickinson wrote:

> Looks like the reentry of the Delta 1 R/B ID 1961-017B may have been seen; video out of Sri
> Lanka of a home that got hit by a "meteorite" (in Hindi, but you get the idea):
> Was on the morning of  19 Feb, a good fit for the Delta 1R/B's last pass:

Based on the final several TLEs, Satana/Satevo yield estimated decay times on Feb 18 around 20:24 UTC, with uncertainty
of perhaps one hour.

Based on the Google Map in the above news video, the home in question is at 7.00867 N, 80.855678 E. For 61017B / 165 to
have possibly been the source of the object(s) that may have hit the home, it would have had to have passed nearly
overhead during decay. That did not happen. The pass closest to the estimated time of decay was near 21:19 UTC, hundreds
of kilometres to the northwest.

If 61017B / 165 was already incandescent at 21:19 UTC, then it might have been visible from Sri Lanka at low elevation
in the northwest. I am not aware of an evaluable reports.

Ted Molczan

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