Re: The Feasibility and Application of Observing Small LEO Satellites with Amateur Telescopes

From: Sheldon Cooper via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 15:08:11 -0800
> Sounds like something similar to what is used at observatories for all 
> sky viewing of weather conditions. Depends a lot on the camera and the 
> optics used but I doubt if you will get fainter than magnitude +6 - more 
> likely around mag +4 or so. Good luck.
> Greg

That's exactly what gave me the idea and made me wonder if that method had ever been used as a UNID/lost track fence. I don't plan to do it myself as I'm definitely not located in a dark sky area. One reader emailed to say that DSLR mechanical shutter life might be an issue with all-night short time exposures taken nightly.

On the viewing problems of the PDF at the thesis link:

I have had none viewing it within the Chrome browser or using the stand-alone Foxit reader.
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