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From: Brooke Clarke via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:05:26 -0800
Hi Brian:

You mentioned dynamic range.  A few years ago I spent some time trying to take HDR photos and even went as far as stacking.
It turns out that the Nikon D300s has internal pre processed HDR and post procedded HDR, the pre process works pretty 
well . . .
But then found a far superior way, using RAW (NEF in the case of Nikon) files.  Once you have selected NEF as the output 
file format you then have the option of changing the default 12 bits per color channel to 14 bits per color channel.  
Since the default .jpg file format is limited to 8 bits per color channel that's an improvement of 6 bits and since each 
bit is a stop that's the same as a 6 stop increase in dynamic range!!

I've read that it's possible to turn of the Nikon noise reduction using their software but have not tried doing that.
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> Re: off topic - Nikon's new camera for astrophoto

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