Geosync video with Orion Telescope's All-In-One Camera

From: Rick Baldridge via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2015 14:29:43 -0800
I recently purchased an Orion Telescope’s “All-In-One” camera mainly for
autoguiding and planetary photography,

but the last few nights I tested it out in preparation for GeoSat Flaring
Season coming up, and I am quite happy with the results.  See video links

The camera has a Video Time Insert feature that takes time off the computer
clock.  Obviously not as accurate as an I.O.T.A. video time inserter,

but if carefully set, it can provide video timings accurate to about 0.1
second for satellite observers.

The small 8mm lens the system comes with gives a 34 x 26 field of view,
and can capture only naked-eye satellites.

For geosyncs, I adapted a Nikon 105mm lens with a C-mount adapter and can
reach below 13th magnitude in a 2.62 x 1.96 field of view

with a 5-to-8 second exposure – not bad!  I’ve already spotted a few
“unknown” geosyncs that are not in the SpaceTrak ALL database.

The system does real-time dark frame subtraction, greatly reducing noise and
eliminating hot pixels, so the capture is quite good for an uncooled camera.

The software can do automatic time-lapse very easily.  I can let the system
run for hours (about 12Gb / hour AVI format video file size) and it works

Oh – and it is a COLOR camera.

Orion All-In-One Camera website –

My videos -- Geosyncs in the Orion Nebula --
and Geosyncs through NGC-2548 --

My FLICKR Account link showing ORION TELECOPE’s “ALL-IN-ONE” Camera set-up,
videos and other details at:


Rick Baldridge

Campbell, CA  USA


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