Distance illusion for fireballs

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>They [fireballs] "appear" to be quite close by. I would
>speculate that it's because we're familiar with common
>fireworks which have a certain brightness to distance
>correlation which meteor fireballs do not match at all... I
>have found that it is very hard to convince observers who have
>recently seen a fireball that they're not going to find a
>meteorite on the ground in their neighbor's backyard... 

I have experienced this myself. A few years ago, in Kent 
(England) I saw a spectacular bolide fireball while I was 
driving along at night, at about 25 degrees elevation. I 
really thought it was a firework. Later I reported it and 
was congratulated on "seeing such a spectacular object". In 
fact the meteor in question was about a hundred miles away, 
over northern France and Belgium. One really cannot tell 
how far away something in the sky is.

Thomas Goodey

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