RE: Possible KMS-4 Radio Reception on UHF

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Date: Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:26:13 -0500
Hi Scott,

I listened to entire wav file but I could't hear any modulated carrier, can
you please check the file you uploaded? I will try to track KMS-4 with my
UHF antenna around that frequency, but the most effective pass will be only
tomorrow around 20:30 EST for my location for a 60 degrees max elevation. I
will report my results, if any.

Chip N2YO

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Hi All

I have been searching for LMS-4 for a number of days on UHF and S-Band as
sun angles are not good here...

Tonight I copied a weak Doppler affected signal centered on or about
465.97MHz that matched the timings of the KMS-4's pass over me.  I was not
running my system for detailed Doppler analysis as I was in a search mode
when I came across the signal.  It's definitely a modulated carrier with
Doppler.  See the attached .WAV file.

I spoke with Ted and he asked me to post this finding to the list even thou
it is not a visual observation as the details of any observation are of high
interest to all observers.

Observations were made from Cospar 8049 with an omnidirectional discone
antenna connected to an AR8600 with Spectravue software and an SDR-IQ.

I welcome any requests for clarification.

Scott Tilley

8049 ST 49.4348 -123.6685 40. Scott Tilley ROBERTS CREEK 2:
8048 ST 49.4175 -123.6420 1. Scott Tilley

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