FW: {MPML} XL8D89E (artsat): request for observations

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Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 18:44:03 -0800

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Subject: {MPML} XL8D89E (artsat): request for observations



Hello all,

I'm hoping that somebody can get a position or two on this object.
We've been tracking it for a little over a year :


Ephemerides are available via MPC's DASO Page :


This is the highest known object in earth orbit (period is about
80 days... or, as Jules Verne would have put it, it goes "around
the world in 80 days".) It hasn't been observed since last October.
I don't really have much idea what it is (though it's definitely
artificial; it gets kicked around by solar radiation pressure too
much to allow otherwise.)

In theory, it ought not to be very difficult to recover. However,
there are definitely some squirrelly things going on with non-grav
forces, such that I can't even fit all the observations we have;
I have to use only the 2016 March and later data.

Because it does such odd things, it would be nice to get another
couple of positions on it before it gets faint and close to the moon.

As is described at the above URL, this is probably the same object
as 6Q0B44E, an "unknown" tracked about a decade ago, then lost.

Thanks! -- Bill



Posted by: Bill Gray <pluto_at_projectpluto.com> 


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