Reported 42057 decay observation - NOT!

From: Robert Holdsworth via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 16:51:27 +1300
I was expecting when a fireball was seen at about 0920 UTC on Friday
over New Zealand that someone would jump to the conclusion that it was
42057 Soyuz R/B despite the fact that this was impossible because it
had passed at around 0835 UTC!

Sure enough but I didn't expect it to be "confirmed" by an
observatory, using Joseph Remis' predictions to justify it (with
reference to the picture but apparently not taking into account the
TLEs he circulates.)

I have pointed out on Stuff's Facebook page that in fact Joseph's map
shows that it is impossible for the object to have passed over NZ at
the time of the sighting of the fireball because it is not compatible
with the time flagged for the later possible decay pass over

There is one reference to two objects passing at 0840, but these are
too vague and the south to north one can be ignored.  Unless the
object was burning up (and as it didn't decay till much later and not
over New Zealand this is unlikely) it would have hardly been visible.
The ISS passed a little earlier.

I can't see anything else which could account for a satellite decay at
the time of the fireball, but if anyone can I would appreciate being
informed, otherwise it would appear it was a meteor.

New Zealand
S 41.244
E 174.943
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