The photometric period of ISON 64800 , 2014-820A

From: Alain Figer via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2018 13:43:27 +0100
On 31 January 2018, I was seeking again for 2011-037A (Spektr-R) but the
ephemerides I used were largely out of track, as ever...  ;)
Happily I caught ISON 64800 (2014-820A) instead, a faint satellite that was
nicely flashing near Eta AUR from 17h54m to 18h22m UT. My friend Alain
Grycan did the identification job using Heavensat and the ISON files.
It was a Full Moon night however the limiting magnitude on most images was
at least 13 to 13.5.
Mean magnitude of the ISON object was near 13, whereas some flashes could
reach briefly mag 10 or so.

From 160 images taken using a Canon EOS 6D + F300mm F/2.8, I derived an
accurate photometric period at 17.86 s +/- 0.06 s .
This is probably also the rotation period, although I cannot exclude at the
moment a 35.72 s rotation period.

More info and a photo at :


Alain Figer
Vars, southern french Alps
44.57° N ; 6.68° E ; 1850m a.s.l.
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