Re: Ephemerides for Falcon Heavy hardware?

From: Mike McCants via Seesat-l <>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2018 23:02:12 -0600 (CST)
There is a press kit at:

This gives a timeline which includes:

00:03:15 2nd stage engine starts
00:08:31 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-1)


00:28:22 2nd stage engine restarts
00:28:52 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-2)

I would guess that the 5 minute burn will simply get the payload
into low Earth orbit.

Then the 30 second burn will circularlize that orbit.

The orbit could be anything between 200 to 400 miles.

Launch window opens at 18:30 UTC.

If it launches on time, then equator crossing would be about 19:00 UT and
over Australia about 19:30 UT?  There could be one or two quite bright
objects?  Easy naked eye visibility?

Supposedly it will coast for about 6 hours.  This would be about
four revolution around the Earth.

"Mission continues on an experimental long coast and third stage two burn to
target a precessing Earth-Mars elliptical orbit around the sun"

Perhaps the first burn of the third stage will occur over Hawaii about
six hours after launch.  Then a second burn of the third stage some minutes
or hours later to go into the escape orbit.

The second stage may be cataloged and stay in orbit some days or weeks?

We could hope that more information would be made available by SpaceX
as the mission proceeds?

Mike McCants

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