Re: {MPML} SpaceX Hardware - Booster observations

From: Bill Gray via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 06:47:23 -0500
Hi all,

    Jaime Nomen at (Z66) in Spain and Cristovao Jacques at (Y00)
in Brazil both got this object,  at a distance slightly greater
than the moon (390000 to 416000 km).  With either of their data,
we'd have gotten a decent orbit.  With both,  we've got one that
will ensure it'll be easy to keep track of... looks as if we'll be
able to do that for at least a week before it gets too faint :

    I still don't know if this is just the booster,  or if it's booster
plus car.  It looks to me that if they were still attached to each
other,  you wouldn't be able to tell from the camera images;  the
booster would be "hidden" on the underside of the vehicle.

    On the other hand,  the positions measured by Cristovao and Jaime
are almost a quarter degree from the Horizons ephemerides,  which is
about the difference we often see between payload and booster.  My
guess is that the car will,  sadly,  be several magnitudes fainter
and therefore not too likely to show up... still worth looking
through the images,  though;  it could be brighter than I'm thinking.

-- Bill
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