Re: Tesla roadster and booster observations

From: Bill Gray via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018 18:13:34 -0500
    It's been good to see the flow of data on this object.  I've
got a list of 241 observations and growing at

    along with orbital elements (elliptical heliocentric and
hyperbolic geocentric),  residuals,  and ephemerides.  I expect
it'll continue to be observed for about two weeks.  Maybe more,
if the folks with big telescopes go after it.

    I can say that we don't particularly need more data on this
object.  I won't object to receiving more and will update the
above page to include it;  but the current coverage means we
know the position of this object to better than a tenth of an
arcsecond,  right out to the point where it gets too faint to
see.  Almost nobody is getting data that accurate.  So for the
most part,  further observations aren't going to improve the
quality of the orbit solution much.

    If you've not done so already,  I'd urge you to send your
data to obs(at)cfa.harvard(dot)edu,  subject line ART SAT.  I
do see some observations on this list that MPC hasn't
reported yet.

-- Bill
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