New , less restricted version (Re: TLExtract 1.0)

From: Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l <>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018 23:09:48 +0100
Op 14-2-2018 om 23:17 schreef Marco Langbroek via Seesat-l

> The program, TLExtract, allows to extract all elsets satisfying a certain
> criterion, from a file with elsets. For example, you can feed it classfd.tle and
> ask it to extract all elsets from it with perigee above 1000 km. Or all elsets
> with "USA" in the object name. Etcetera.

On request, I have removed the limit of 1000 elsets for the input file. The new
version incorporating this can be downloaded on

When loading a file with > 1000 elsets, it will twice give a warning: once when
the file is loaded, and again when the "run" button is pressed. Click the "okay"
button in the warning screen to start processing.

BE AWARE: processing large input files can take  A VERY LONG TIME.

For example, it took my laptop (i7, 2.40 GHz, 64-bit, 16 GB RAM) 38 minutes to
process a ful, 16790 elsets, JSpOC file, when asked to select all orbits with
perigee < 2000 km from it.

I will see if I can write a smarter selection routine that takes less time in
the future.

- Marco

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