RE: Wonderful Evening and a question

Jeff Hunt (
Tue, 31 Dec 96 13:13:43

--- On Tue, 31 Dec 1996 07:29:54 -1000  ted Brattstrom <> 

>could someone explain, or give me a quick pointer
>to understanding the numbers in the first line of Ted Molzcan's elements...

I asked the same question almost two years.

There are four sets of numbers in line 0.  The first number is the length 
dimension in meters, the second is the width dimension in meters, the third 
the depth dimension in meters, the fourth number is the standard magnitude 
(1000 km and 50% illuminated)  The letter designation after the mag. value 
is v for visual and d (estimated?-sorry I forgot what "d" stands for). There 
is suppose to be a description of these values in a file by Ted called 
N2LDESC.TXT but I have never come across it, at least not at the kilroy ftp 
site. If anyone know where to find this file, please let us know.
Jeff Hunt <>