Taking things for granted

Jeff Hunt (jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com)
Wed, 1 Jan 97 11:07:13

Most of us take things for granted. 

Right now Ted, his fellow observers in the southern latitudes, and his 
fellow analysers are working on tracking down the recent Titan 4 launch. I 
take his reports for granted. He evidently enjoys doing it and it must be 
time consuming; but I don't make it point to express my appreciation for the 
work he does.  If I felt I could contribute something, I would, but I can't.

There are many others (I don't list them in fear of leaving someone out) on 
this list who provide decay information, observations, information from OIG, 

I'm certain most of us greatly appreciate SeeSat-L and VSOHP.  Again, most 
of us take things for granted. I didn't know a thing about html programming 
and now I are one;-)  You couldn't image the time it takes for me to revise 
an html page, but I enjoy doing it. It's a learning experience and right 
now, being retired and it being Winter, I have the TIME. My Wife thinks I 
must be involved in some insidious interest and I guess I do spend too much 
time on the computer but it is an outlet for me.

If I had my old job I probably wouldn't have the time to help out. Perhaps 
in time I will lose interest. I too like positive feedback; WE all do.

I hope those having the time and the interest can contribute to maintaining 
the VSOHP current.  Our jobs, responsibilities, and interest change over 
time, but if you would like to see the VSOHP be a source of good information 
maybe you can help.  It doesn't happen automatically. 

I am looking forward in seeing the FAQ work come to fruition after these 
past long months since last Summer when the work was undertaken. We will 
probably never know if the information provided by the FAQ project will help 
someone better understand this interest, but I suspect it will.

Happy New Year!  Jeff Hunt <jhunt@eagle1.eaglenet.com>