RE: institutionalized confusion, ephemeris server, sample size

Wed, 1 Jan 1997 16:13:33 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 1 Jan 1997, Ted Molczan wrote:

> Bart De Pontieu wrote:
> >I am not going to do any more work for a possible Usenet-group devoted
> >to satellite observing.
I had offered to be the moderator of this group with the only condition 
being I get the support of those few people who already agreed to 
co-moderate.  I would also like for Bart, since he has already done so 
much research into the subject, to just help getting it started.  After 
that, the rest of us should be able to continue.

> > Well, I was not replying, but obviously the topic
> is timely. I for one hope that you will keep 
> SeeSat-L running.

I strongly agree.

Excellent! You have made an enormous contribution
> doing the above, plus FLASH, for so many years.

I agree here too!

Ted said many other things praising Bart for his efforts.  Rather than 
repeat them again,  I'll just express my agreement with Ted, and 
appreciation to Bart for all he has done.

> > I get my share of thankyous and congratulations for my 
> small contributions and achievements, but the real reward 
> is in what I learn, and the many fine friends I have made.
> It justifies the hard work and the financial cost.

I've always been interested in sat observing, but Ted had a big affect in 
getting me to share info with others.  It was his response to a question 
when I first got on to Celestial BBS that encouraged me to ask and answer 
questions from others.   He's doing a good job too!
(I think I still have that response around here somewhere).

Jay Respler
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