Re: FW: Re: Sat Sit Report (part2)

Bjoern Gimle (
Thu, 2 Jan 1997 11:14:22 +0100 (MET)

Happy New Year !

In SeeSat-L message #4500 and earlier, Jay Respler wrote:
>The idea was to take that SSR and resort by Int ID rather than Catalog #.
I have written a program that can merge and reformat SSR report parts.
The output can be in 1-4 formats, two single-line an two double-line
formats. In all four, the letters in the Intl.Id are right-adjusted
for proper sorting. Otherwise, the fourth format is un-modified OIG.
In the other three, dates are YYMMDD to simplify sorting.
The first format is most compact, and uses comma-separated-values that
can be easily read by many programming languages, spreadsheets and data bases.

Each file can be sorted with QSORT called by ssr_pack, if you have it
in C:\BIN, (or modify ssr_pack.bas).
The default sort is on descending Intl.ID.

The source ssr_pack.bas can be run with QBASIC /RUN ssr_pack.bas
which should be available in most DOS 5.0+ except IBM's.
The ssr_pack.exe requires brun40.exe in the same catalog, or along the PATH.

They will be available shortly on my

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