Mir "UFO" (was Re: USA 129 R/B)

David Bishop (dbishop@kodak.com)
Fri, 3 Jan 97 08:29:51 EST

> From: Shari & Ian Porter <sharian@pac.com.au>
> Mir pass tonight was like a searchlight, mag far beyond sirius. I always
> expect a UFO scare after a pass like this !!

I was showing the neighborhood kids a pass of Mir about a 2 years ago.
Perfect pass, with 3 Mag -5 flashes off the solar panels.  The flashes
were amazingly bright, with two a tenth of a second apart followed by
about a half second by the third.

A "little old lady" neighbor of mine, called the local country music
radio stations, and reported it as a UFO.  She said it buzzed her house
and shot "beams of light" at her.  The kids and I had a good laugh at
this the next night.  We never told her, because we thought she would
be too embarrassed.  As far as I know she still thinks she had a "close

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