Titan IV payload

ROB MATSON (ROB_MATSON@cpqm.mail.saic.com)
3 Jan 1997 16:34:52 -0800

                      Subject:                              Time:  16:23
  OFFICE MEMO         Titan IV payload                      Date:  97/01/03

Anthony Beresford reported:

> Observations by Rob MCNaught from Bugalbie Jan 2, 1997
> 1996 72B
> 13h 17min 29.29UT RA 23h 36.8min dec -44deg 56min mag +6
> 13h 19min 44.65UT RA 0h 45.0 Dec -19deg 18min

> Other object reported in same path on previous orbit
> photometry mag +8 and steady
> 13h 35min 36.91UT  RA 23h 30.6m   Dec -41deg 35min
> 13h 39min 48.28UT  RA   0h 46.2m   Dec -22deg 31min
> Epoch 2000 co-ordinates

I've done a preliminary search of over 4000 orbital elements, and no
candidates come within 2 degrees of the above coordinates within 10 minutes of
the observation time.  I will search a complete set (8000+ objects), but I
suspect that Rob has successfully located the Titan IV payload.  A preliminary
orbit can be computed from his two precise observations.  For those who don't
have his ground coordinates, they are:

Bugalbie, Australia:   31deg 07min 32 sec S
                                 149deg 06 min 52sec E