RE: Viewing coordinates

Ted Molczan (
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 08:29:50 -0500

Bjoern Gimle wrote:

>Jeff Hunt's plea for coordinates does not seem to have any response:
>>It would be helpful if the recent observations from observers in Australia
>>would include their viewing coordinates in their reports.  Thanks
>>Jeff Hunt <>

Here are the coordinates of each of the observers
whose 96072 obs have appeared on SeeSat-L:

Anthony Beresford:
Cospar site 8597 34.96S, 138.66E, 150 m ASL

Robert McNaught:
[ 31deg 07min 32 sec S, 149 deg 6 min 52secs E 390m elevation]

Ian Porter:
144.8070 E 38.3745 S 5m AMSL 

>I think Rob McNaught's obs on Jan.02 
>11:56 UT    13 h 00 m      -61 d
>13:35:36.91 23 h 30.6 m    -41 d 35 m
>13:39:48.28 00 h 46.2 m    -22 d 31 m
>should be analyzed urgently - it could be an object separated from
>the Titan IV about Jan.1, or an unrelated object - but I have not
>found Rob's coordinates !

I have already done a thorough analysis and
found that they are not a close match to
the expected 96072A orbit, nor are they 
related to this launch.

Clear skies!