McNaught observations

Anthony Beresford (
Tue, 7 Jan 1997 01:20:31 +1030 (CST)

Rob McNaughts observations from  Bugaldie
[ 31deg 07min 32 sec S, 149 deg 6 min 52secs E, 390m]
Jan 6, 1997
1996 72B
11h 51min 22.58sec UTC
 RA 11h 19min dec -64 39 (Epoch 2000)
11 52 55.16UTC
 RA 8h 46.1min -52deg 54min
13h 25min 15.64secUTC
 RA 23 30.1min Dec -44deg 40min
13h 26min 54.25sec UTC
 RA oh 27.1min Dec -28deg 12min

Observation of a payload suspect, very close to Ted Molczan's
M=275 prediction. Followed a track parallel to and a speed
similar to rocket. 
13h 34min 51.85sec UTC
 RA 0h 34.8min Dec =32deg 25 min mag +8  steady
Tony Beresford