RE: McNaught observations

Ted Molczan (
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 11:52:06 -0500

Anthony Beresford passed on a 96072 report from
Rob McNaught:

>Observation of a payload suspect, very close to Ted Molczan's
>M=275 prediction. Followed a track parallel to and a speed
>similar to rocket. 
>13h 34min 51.85sec UTC
> RA 0h 34.8min Dec =32deg 25 min mag +8  steady

I assume you meant for the dec to be negative,
so that last line should read:

 RA 0h 34.8min Dec = -32deg 25 min mag +8  steady

At that time, the search orbit was near:
RA 00:30  DEC -32:22, which is fairly close.
I have made a note of this; only further 
obs will tell, as happenned on the 2nd,
when Aureole 3 r created so much confusion.

Had Rob received the 97005.3 search orbit in time
for this session?

Tony Beresford