Mir "UFO"

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Mon, 06 Jan 1997 14:18:00 -0800

> From=3A Shari & Ian Porter <sharian=40pac=2Ecom=2Eau>
> Mir pass tonight was like a searchlight=2C mag far beyond sirius=2E I alw=
> expect a UFO scare after a pass like this =21=21

Although I=27ve lurked around here for quite some time=2C this is my first =
and I had to relate another perfect Mir =22UFO=22 story=2E=2E=2E

It was dawn a few years ago=2E  The sun was less than 1deg below the horizo=
sky was clear and bright=2E  Virtually 180deg opposite the sun=2C the Mir w=
climbing for a near overhead pass=2E  The sun was being thrown off the sola=
panels right back in our faces=2E  Glaring beams of light in the sky=2E  It=
as if a landing 747 was heading straight towards us=2E

But then=2C as the Mir passed overhead the glaring searchlight switched OFF=
there was NOTHING THERE=2E  Nothing but clear blue sky=2E  The =22747=22 ha=
disappeared=2E  =28Of course passing overhead the solar panels were now edg=
e=2Don to
our line=2Dof=2Dsite and the remainder of the unseen track was into the gla=
re of
imminent dawn=2E=29  A =22UFO experience=22 if there ever was one=2E

   =2D=2D Alan Bose