Wayne Gibbons (wayne@ecn.net.au)
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 23:08:39 +1100

Hi to all.

 I have just subscribed to this list, so thought I would introduce myself.

 My name is Wayne Gibbons and I live in Brisbane Australia. I am 30 years
old and work as a radio technical officer with Telsta Australia. My wife,
son and I have been observing visual satelite passes for the last 6 months.
I achieved a mention on the NASA  Space Shuttle status update page for an
observation of the most recent mission of Columbia when we witnessed a fluid
waste dump. 

 While my family enjoy simply spotting the satelites, I enjoy photographing
passes through interesting constellations (Orion) or near Planets. I have
several good photos from the last shuttle mission which clearly show the
orpheus-spas test satelite 40km behind the shuttle.

  Thats about it.