Eric Rosenberg (
Tue, 07 Jan 97 09:29:32 est

I forgot to add my introduction to the list. 

My name is Eric Rosenberg and I live in Washington, DC.

After a career in television and film production, I've been working in 
the small (LEO) satellite business for the past 6 years, and as a result 
have traveled around the world designing and installing satellite and 
other radio-based communications systems. I now work for Orbcomm Global 
(a partnership of Orbital Sciences and Teleglobe Canada) in Dulles, VA 
as part of the (international) Systems Engineering Group.

I've been an amateur radio operator since age 16 (I'm 41), and have 
operated on the amateur satellites since the early 1970's. I became 
interested in seeing satellites during the STS-9 mission of Owen 
Garriott, the first use of amateur radio in space. I *believe* I saw the 
shuttle in that mission, and subsequently spent many an evening outdoors 
looking at the Shuttle and Mir (I've spoken to both many times from 
around the world). I have yet to see the two together...seems that I 
won't have a chance on this upcoming mission, either. 

My most recent viewing experience was seeing a fabulous overflight of 
Mir while at the National Zoo here in Washington.  We had a big crowd 
watching by the time the pass ended. 

I'm not an astronomy buff, so my interest in viewing is limited to those 
objects I can see with the naked eye and point out to my 5 year old 
daughter (who thought seeing Mir at the zoo was 'way cool' -- but not as 
cool as seeing the baby Rhino!)

I'm curious to know who else may be in the Washington area, and if there 
are any meetings -- formal or informal -- in this area. 

I'm happy to have joined this list...very interesting stuff!


Eric Rosenberg (amateur callsign WD3Q)
Washington, DC