Delta Launch from VAFB

Huston, Stu (A016174@MDCPO102.HB.MDC.COM)
Tue, 07 Jan 97 09:06:00 PST

A Delta II is scheduled to launch the first 3 Iridium spacecraft from 
Vandenberg AFB on Wednesday, 8 Jan.  Launch window is 05:35-06:23 PST 
(13:35-14:23 UT).  The MSX launch (at a similar time) was pretty spectacular 
from Newport Beach, 250 km from the base.  Now that the skies have cleared 
over southern Calif., this should be a nice sight.  For further updates, you 
can call the McDonnell Douglas Delta launch hotline at 714-896-4770.

Stu Huston               
McDonnell Douglas Aerospace   
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