Delta / Iridium Launch Delay

Tobias, Lynn (
7 Jan 1997 12:52:19 U

The Iridium hotline (888-952-8624, toll free in the United States) reports at
20:20 UTC on 7 Jan. that the Delta / Iridium launch from Vandenburg has been
delayed 24 hours because "a minor technical anomoly was detected in the
satellite ground system software which interprets telemetry files stored on
board each satellite. The error has been identified and the corrections are
being implemented and verified".

The launch window is now 9 Jan, 05:35-06:23 PST (13:35-14:23 UT).  The weather
is predicted to be excellent.

The McDonnell Douglas Delta launch hotline at 714-896-4770 has just been updated
about the delay at about 20:40 UTC.