RE: Seeing Mir and the Shuttle

Jeff Hunt (
Tue, 7 Jan 97 15:35:16

Mir plans to make another orbital adjustment on Jan 8.  After that date use 
the latest tle for Mir to see what viewing opportunities you will have 
during the mission from your location in Washington, D.C.  The shuttle will 
be adjusting to Mir's orbit.
Using the PRESENT Mir tle, there will be opportunities to see Mir/Atlantis 
early in the AM low in the north on the Jan 12, 13, 14 from the DC area.  
Docking occurs sometime on flight day 3 over Russia because of communication 
requirements. The STS-81 presskit with the time lines hasn't been issued yet 
but should be out either today or tomorrow. One source for it is the 
Spacelink site ( Look under "Hot 
Topics/STS-81 subdirectories.
You might want to look at a response I made earlier on obtaining mission 
vectors supplied by Dave Ransom at 
( if you want to see 
how the shuttle orbit will change over time (based on on-time launch).

Jeff Hunt <>
see "what's new" on VSOHP

--- On Tue, 07 Jan 97 12:27:32 est  Eric Rosenberg <> 

Does anyone have current/predicted elements for a time near 
launch/docking so I can try and see it/them.