comment about 96 72B observations

Philip Chien (
Thu, 9 Jan 1997 07:40:04 -0500

This evening I talked to a very high level friend in the Titan IV program.
I asked him if there was anything different about the Titan upper stage
which was launched from California, in particular questioning the paint

He told me that he didn't know of anything from his POV.

I told him that it appeared much brighter than previous Titans, and even
the suspicion that the payload was still attached.

He was rather amused, and jokingly suggested "Why don't you ask the NRO?"

On the other hand, he also seemed rather impressed ...
(would anybody have a time exposure I could give to him as a present?)

In his position he would be in a very important place to know about any
changes to the Titan's manufacturing, or any special modifications for a
particular mission.  However, it's always possible that there's a
compartmentalized classified payload which he wouldn't be aware of on board

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