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Thu, 9 Jan 1997 12:27:45 -0500

>Jim Holland wrote:
>> Does anyone know where I could obtain hardcopy of NASA TLEs?
>> I used to receive them from Goddard Space Flight Center but have lost their
>> address. Any help would be appreciated.

>	It's my understanding that GSFC no longer provides hard copy TLEs. 
>However they are available from a number of places on the net.  Try

Patrick is absolutely correct. Goddard quite providing a widespread public
service about four years ago. As a Monitoring Times space columnist I use to
receive the thirty day prediction bulletins/TLE stuff daily. Budget cuts did
this service in. As Patrick said there are a lot of places on the net and
you will receive it much faster than snail mail.

In addition to the FTP site mentioned above, we also carry the Molczan els
on the ST home page at http://www, among other things.

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