Re: Low orbit birds

Jim Holland (
Fri, 10 Jan 1997 01:58:22 +0000

At 05:02 AM 1/10/97 +0000, Ron Lee wrote,

>The Mir debris is interesting. I saw about 10 pieces leading Mir
>sometime last year.  I assume it was trash day or they were 
>cleaning house prior to the lady astronaut arrival.  I usually
>clean house when a new lady is coming over too.
>The objects get a designation similar to Mir's but different letters.
>The one's I saw required binoculars to see.  Will let others discuss
>bright satellites since I often use binocs or a telescope for the
>ones I observe.
>Ron Lee

Thanks for the info! I have heard of some observers spotting trash from Mir.
At the
moment I'm still looking for the Mir Complex! :)


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