USA 129 payload obs, Bright NOSS

Shari & Ian Porter (
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 10:25:01 +1100

using elset epoch 5 Jan

11hr 58min 51sec UTC +- 1 sec Jan 10 1997
RA : 07hr 59'
Dec: -24deg 31'
FROM: 148.0400 E  38.2744 S
Note these coords are not my regular obs site (local astromomy club
observing site)
Mag <4 brightening just before shadow entry to around 2...

elset almost spot on for pos and time....

Also saw terrific pass from NOSS 2-2 trio mag 2-3 with the two leading sats
passing either side of Sirius (good guide star !). I think I finally managed
to impress some of the hard bitten deep sky observers :-)

Ian & Shari Porter
Rye, Victoria, Australia
144.8136 E 38.3744 S 5m AMSL