Updated 96072A elements.

Ted Molczan (molczan@fox.nstn.ca)
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 13:05:41 -0500

I have produced the following updated elements using the 17
observations that I have received since the object was found:

USA 129         15.0  3.0  0.0  5.1 v
1 24680U 96072  A 97 05.34099537  .00014299  00000-0  15507-3 0    04
2 24680  97.9744  71.0087 0549757 114.8777 251.1097 14.72100861    02

Prediction time accuracy should be within a few seconds over the next 
few days, assuming the object does not manoeuvre. Track accuracy also
should be very good.

Please note that although this orbit "fits", it is by no means the "last 
word" in accuracy. For example, the inclination almost certainly is too 
high. Pierre Neirinck has far more experience in these matters than I, and 
he has been working hard to refine the orbit. To improve significantly on
the above, or Pierre's own updates, we ask observers to continue to strive 
to achieve the highest possible accuracy. This requires consistent timing 
to 0.1 s, and positional accuracy to, say, 0.03 deg or better.

Clear skies!