USA 19 0bject observations of Rob McNaught

Anthony Beresford (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:44:41 +1030 (CST)

Observations by Rob McNaught from Bugaldie
(31d07'32"S, 149d06'52"E,AGD 390m)
USA 129 199672A
Jan 11 12h 25 min 13.02 sec UTC  RA 21h 34min dec -82deg 41min
Jan 11 12h 26min 58.07sec UTC RA 02h 29.0min Dec -65deg 38min
 magnitude +3.5 and steady just before eclipse
USA 129rocket 1996 72B
Jan 10 11h 29min 58.30sec UT RA 11h 16.4min dec -45deg 52min
Jan 10 11h 30min 22.07sec UT RA 10 h 55.4min Dec -43deg 02min
Jan 11 12h 29min 28.86 secUT RA 0h 43.6min Dec -73deg 54 min
Tony Beresford