Observations 96072* objects

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 09:43:52 +0200

After being on annual leave I checkj
checked my email at work yesterday and found that Tont Beresford had recovered
96072 launch objects-well done Tony!
I decided to get off my butt and made the following observations:
11 Jan 1997  location long 18.5132,latitude -33.9424,altitude 10 metres
scope used:120mm f/5 20x,2.4 degree field
Object #24681 (96072B) 20h 16m 19.4s UTC RA 11h22.7m,Dec -44d13'
Object #24680 (96072A) 20h 36m 18.1s UTC RA 08h09.3m,Dec -52d34'
epoch of observations J2000,using GUIDE 5 star chart program.
96072B was about a minute early on Jan 8 elements and about mag 4 and steady
during the short arc observed before shadow entry. 96072A was about on time,and
about magnitude 6 and appeared steady.Track very close to predicted track.
I have not checked against other possible objects but everything matched,
including track angle etc so at this point 100% confident that correct objects
observed. I do have a problem though with time signals as reception of WWV on 10.0000 MHz at night is putrid-anybody any suggestions for a better time source?
I will make further observations of the Titan launch over the next few days.
Best wishes to all