Sat, 11 Jan 97 22:06:24 -0500

Hello everyone,

ever since I watched Mir last year, I've tried to see other satellites
occasionally. However, I didn't know where and when to look. Some time
ago, I stumbled across this mailing list, which was very interesting at
times and finally provided me with pointers for more information and
software. So, I finally got to see my first non-Mir satellite this evening
at 19:04: IRAS. A very pleasing experience after many failed attempts,
this is the right occasion to introduce myself. Now I'm confident that
I'll continue with satellite observing and am eager to see other
satellites, get into doing useful measurements, etc.

About my person: I'm 24, studying computer science and physics in Kiel,
Germany, and have been interested in space-related topics since my early
childhood. I do own a small telescope and a binocular 8x40 for observing.
More on my homepage: (English and German
versions available).

Marco Hahn
Location:   54.456N 9.622E 25m; Geltorf, Germany