STS-81 and Mir

sbolton (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 07:34:44 -0400

STS-81 launched at 9:27 UT this morning. At 45.5 N  66 W I did not get to
see the initial pass.
But did catch second orbit, followed shortly by Mir.

STS-81 rose in the west, est mag -2.5-3.0, easily the brightest shuttle pass
I've seen( all the Mir dock missions). Crossed about 10 degrees below
polaris at 11:10 UT.
Mir followed at 11:17 UT, crossing  less than 5 degrees below polaris. Mir
seemed distinctly fainter by about 1/2 magnitude, and a more yellowish tinge.
Sunrise was about 50 minutes away, with the stars visible only to mag 3.

Looking forward to good views from the east coast of Canada each morning.
Additionally, I'll try to catch the docking dark pass when Mir/ Shuttle
should have external lights on.
                                                  Steve Bolton