Geomagnetic storm on Jan 10th

Alan Pickup (
Sun, 12 Jan 1997 11:40:32 +0000

If you've seen my latest posting on the decay of Molniya 3-48 r, you'll
know that I blame a geomagnetic storm between 6h and 12h UT on January
10th for the fact that it decayed somewhat ahead of my earlier
predictions. The storm was the strongest since October 23 and
geomagnetic conditions are still disturbed - indeed another storm may be
in progress this (UT) morning. As a result of the event, I suspect that
the atmospheric density at satellite heights increased substantially as
evidenced by the increased drag (60% or so) being encountered by other
low objects.

One purpose of this posting is to warn SeeSaters that objects may be
running increasingly early against predictions based on elsets prior to
about January 10.6 (epoch 97010.6).

For those interested in following up on the storm, here are some net
addresses you might follow:

Today's space weather.

Net address for solar and geomagnetic data.

Daily geomagnetic indices for the current quarter.

Graphic (literally) representation of January 11 storm.

Follow today's storm (if such there be) at

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