Mir, Atlantis

Tristan Cools (tcools@nic.INbe.net)
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 10:39:18 +0100 (MET)


The weather was fine in Bruges this morning so I was able to search for Mir
and Atlantis.
Both objects were found and were very bright mag -2 in the West and fading
to mag +1 in the East.

Passage time for Mir between eta Uma and gamma Boo was at 06h21m43.79m UTC.
Atlantis was much closer to eta Uma and was following at 06h38m19.13m UTC.
According to the first tle's from OIG this was almost 2 minutes
late.(Manoeuvres ?)

As I understand, planned docking is for 13:50 this afternoon.  I hope to see
them close together after undocking.(19 Jan 97)

Tristan Cools   

Damse Vaart:    3.2486E/51.2279N
Rijckevelde:    3.2867E/51.2054N
Brugge     :    3.1611E/51.2108N