Robic SC-800 stopwatch

Mike McCants (
Tue, 14 Jan 1997 11:39:15 -0600

About 5 years ago I bought a Robic SC-800 stopwatch.

It has 50 memories.
It is made in China.
It is for timing race cars.
It beeps whenever a button is pushed.

The "stopwatch" function is completely independent of the "time of
day" function.

I recommend "RaceQuip", 378 Dublin Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.
Orders: 1-800-678-7223.  (Tell them you are an astronomer and you
do not need their brochure with $500 race car driving suits. :-)
The cost from RaceQuip is about $50 plus $5 shipping.

It is about 3 1/2 inches tall, about 2 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick.
The stop start button is at the top right and the split button is
at the top left.  The mode and set and recall buttons are on the face.
There are other models, so be sure to get the one with 4 buttons
on the front.  (Do not get models 505, 514, or 514S.  Model 900S
has 1/1000 second(!) timing and 100 memory locations.  But I do
not recommend it based on its looks in the brochure.)

I have been using mine for over 5 years now  (I replaced the battery
last September) and I like it very much.  I hold it in my left hand,
push the start button with a finger, and then switch to pushing the
split button with my thumb.  I can tell which side is the top from
the 4 buttons that stick out on the top side.

There are 4 readouts on the front.  1) The split counter  2) The split
difference between the current split reading and the preceding reading.
3) The current split reading.   4) The current time.  You can push the
recall button to look at previous readings while the watch is still

Since I get WWV with 99.9% reliability (and my wristwatch is within
0.05 seconds per day just by luck after I replaced its battery), I
have not tried to take the Robic apart by removing its 7 screws.
(My wristwatch does not seem to vary much, but my wrist keeps it
warm when I'm out observing.)

I believe my Robic gains about 1 second per day.

Mike McCants