Observations 17 Jan 97

Greg Roberts (grr@da.saao.ac.za)
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 23:15:20 +0200

Evening all,
Observations made 17 Jan from my site near Cape Town:
#05679  71110A 19h40m15.6s RA
sorry --rubbish...wrong data!
#05679 71110A 19h21m25.9s UT RA 04h54.2m Dec -63d 50' mag 2.5 steady (J2000)
#24680 96072A 20h06m29.1s UT RA 12h07.6m Dec -50d34' mag 7 steady (J2000)
96072B(#24681) was seen but as it was 66 sec early on element set epoch 97
15.86402340 I though it might have been the wrong object so left it and waited 
and thus didnt get a position ! It was about magnitude 7 at the time and about
a degree lower in the telescope field than predicted.
Also saw Mir/STS81 tonight going through the Southern Cross-far outshone any
stars in that part of the sky. Followed into shadow but not visible in
shadow with my 5 inch refractor.
I return to work on monday so dont know how much longer I can burn the late night
hours-like Tony Beresford Im supposed to be awake at work !