Greg Roberts (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 09:51:46 +0200

To SeeSaters involved in orbital analysis:

Ted Molczan queried an observation made by me of #24680 (96072A) at
19h26m03.3s UT where I reported an RA of 10h15.3m,Dec -25d21' (J2000). 
This is star SAO 178578. The observation SHOULD be RA 10h15.1m,Dec-24d59'
which is star SAO178579. I The satellite occulted the star,hence the star

Teds comments about the observation of 16 Jan at 21h16m being a few second
inside shadow refers - I got the position as the rocket (#24681) was fading
so Teds "shadow" model isnt very far out.Due to houses,trees etc to my south
I have relatively poor access southwards and very little access below 10 
degrees so I cant really pick and choose where to get a position when shadow
entry is only a few degrees above where I can first see the satellite-in this
case I had about 4 degrees of elevation in which to get a position and since
I determine position relative to stars, stars dont always oblige by providing
a "nice" position for timing, so in some cases my positions are an estimate
of how much of a fraction between two stars did the timed point occur.